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North Shore Temple Emanuel

a Progressive Jewish Congregation


Shavuot is a two-day holiday that coincides with the date that God gave the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai more than 3,300 years ago. It comes after 49 days of eagerly counting the Omer.

The festival is celebrated by lighting candles, staying up all night to learn Torah, hearing the reading of the Ten Commandments in synagogue, feasting on dairy foods and more.


Tikkun Leil Shavuot

“We All Stood At Sinai - a vision of inclusion”

Saturday 8 June in the evening - 6:45pm for 7pm start

Join us for a groundbreaking evening at this year’s Tikkun Leil Shavuot, focusing on Autism awareness and the Jewish community. 

The evening will feature:
• Special guest presenter, Marissa Ely
• Panel discussion, including NSTE members with relatives on the Autism Spectrum
• Study session with clergy
• An adapted Erev Shavuot service
• Reciting of Aseret haDibrot (The 10 commandments)
• Our 3rd annual cheesecake competition!

Shavuot Morning service

Sunday 9 June 10am main service (sanctuary), 10:45am Young Families

The morning includes our Shavuot festival service with Hallel, Yizkor, chanting from the Book of Ruth, Aseret HaDibrot, and a collective Mi Shebeirach blessing for those called to the Torah.

We also have a great morning planned for our children age 8 and under (and their families).  

They'll have the chance to:
    •    Carry in the bikkurim (first fruits) and join in our Torah parade in the sanctuary!
    •    Learn about the holiday of Shavuot and mitzvot with Rabbi Nicole!
    •    Enjoy a beautiful "seven species" activity with our Apples & Honey Preschool! 

Children should meet Rabbi Nicole in the foyer of the main building at 10:45, where they'll be given bikkurim to carry.
The service and the Young Families activity will conclude by 12:00, when everyone will enjoy an ice cream and chocolate kiddush!

Livracha for Shavuot

Our Livracha or "for a blessing” program continues with the Festival of Shavuot.   

Shavuot began as a grain festival and traditionally involved a contribution of the first fruits of the harvest.  As the seven species described in the Torah include wheat products and fruit, we welcome donations in the basket in the NSTE foyer of:

  • Dried and tinned fruit
  • Grains/legumes, such as barley, chickpeas, lentils and quinoa.
  • Cereal products, such as wholegrain cereals

We will be collecting these items from now until mid June for donating to a local women's refuge and to the Salvation Army’s Oasis program for homeless youth.  The Oasis program was also our recipient at Pesach, providing a link between the two festivals, as does the counting of the Omer, a “sheaf” or measure of volume of grain.

 We look forward to sharing the celebration of Shavuot with others less fortunate.

Many thanks to those who generously donated items for the Salvation Army’s program for homeless youth over Pesach.  

For further information, please contact

Tue, 31 March 2020 6 Nisan 5780