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North Shore Temple Emanuel

a Progressive Jewish Congregation

B'nei Mitzvah Program

An unforgettable experience - a lifetime of connection 

There are few things as joyful and soul satisfying for a parent as watching a son or daughter take hold of the Torah and carry it through the congregation on the day of bar/bat mitzvah. It is a sublime moment. But it does not happen miraculously! 

At NSTE, we believe the preparation for that moment is key to its magic. It is also the key to a lifetime of engagement with Jewish community, as it affords our children the skills they need to participate meaningfully in Jewish life cycle events of their own and of their loved ones, and starts them on a path of lifelong Jewish learning and lifelong Jewish living.

It is essential that students begin preparation for bar/bat mitzvah as early as possible, which is to say that our students should be fairly comfortable reading Hebrew words before they begin their work with a bar/bat mitzvah tutor. Their work with the tutor begins one year prior to the bar/bat mitzvah celebration. 

To ensure that our b’nei mitzvah students are ready to start working with their tutors, we encourage enrolment in our Meah Hebrew and Religion School program, weekly (on Sundays) up to Year 4, and twice weekly (Sundays and Wednesdays) in Years 5 & 6. 

In Year 7, students stop attending Sunday and Wednesday classes, join in a weekly class with the Rabbi called “Al Shlosha Dvarim—On 3 Things,” and begin meeting with a bar/bat mitzvah tutor weekly.  We will match your child with one of our tutors, all of whom approach their work with immeasurable devotion, patience, and care.  We also afford our students use of the David Burnett Language Lab which is equipped with computers and software to facilitate their preparation.

During the year leading up to bar or bat mitzvah, students are to strive to attend Shabbat morning services regularly, along with a parent, so as to develop a comfort level with the order and flow of a service, and to become more familiar with the blessings they are learning with their tutors.  This practice goes a long way toward alleviating nervousness on the “big day,” and helps solidify their learning so it lasts a lifetime.  

 The class aims to build lifelong Jewish friendships, which continue through post-b’nei mitzvah opportunities like our “Teen Torah Tag Team” and participation in Yamim Noraim services.

To learn more about the following offerings, click on the links below:

For more information about any aspect of our b’nei mitzvah program, please contact the Office on 9419 7011.

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Sat, 1 October 2022 6 Tishrei 5783