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North Shore Temple Emanuel

a Progressive Jewish Congregation


Help us to make a difference

We are an incredibly gifted community with members partaking in a diverse range of activities both for NSTE and the broader community.

Giving of personal time to help others is a sacred activity, especially in a world where there continues to be an increasing demand on our time as a whole. It also provides us with the opportunity to get to know each other, thereby extending the NSTE family.

People volunteer for many reasons and in many different ways. You may wish to volunteer as a way to gain new skills, meet new people, make new friends, stay connected to Jewish life, or simply try something new. Or perhaps volunteering gives you a greater sense of purpose.

Whatever your own personal reason is for volunteering, it’s a win-win situation. While you may benefit in some shape or form, so do we!

If you are interested in volunteering, please feel free to contact our Office Team via email or on 9419 7011 so we can match your interests to the range of growing volunteering opportunities.

Tue, 28 May 2024 20 Iyar 5784