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North Shore Temple Emanuel

a Progressive Jewish Congregation

Who Are We?

North Shore Temple Emanuel has served the Sydney North Shore community for 60 years as a Progressive, egalitarian congregation that celebrates the spirit and contribution of each and every member. We are a diverse community, hailing from many countries, disparate backgrounds and different stages of life, but we are all united in our strong desire to be part of a vital and vibrant Jewish community on the North Shore.

Led by Senior Rabbi Nicole Roberts, our expression of Judaism is woven from the many strands that make up the continuum of Jewish life: the young families and tots attending our weekly NSTE Playgroup, the young children who participate in our Apples & Honey Pre-School, our Meah Hebrew & Religion School students, our Netzer youth movement chanichim, our teen and young adult programs, our Community Families Club (young families group), and our thriving Boomers and Beyond group. Although we all have busy lives, our passionate community knows its bonds must be nurtured constantly. Our Temple is always bustling with activity, from the NSTE Choir, which frequently ring our halls with music, to our dedicated Kitchen Krew, which comes together eight times a year to plan, organise, shop, cook and serve Shabbat Dinner for the NSTE congregation and their guests.

NSTE, one of the largest Progressive congregations in Australia, is fortunate to be led by spiritual leaders whose intellectual, interpersonal, and collaborative abilities inspire our individual and communal engagement with Judaism and each other every day.

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