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North Shore Temple Emanuel

a Progressive Jewish Congregation

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		                                    Worship at North Shore Temple Emanuel		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">Our Services blend creativity and age old rituals and innovative ideas</span>
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		                                    Meah Hebrew & Religion School		                                </span>
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		                                    Youth and Young Families Programs		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">Providing educational and social experiences for today's Jewish youth.</span>
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		                                    NSTE Boomers		                                </span>
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Welcome To North Shore Temple Emanuel

A progressive and egalitarian congregation that celebrates the spirit and contribution of all in our community

Inspiring Worship

Our services blend creativity and tradition, age old rituals and innovative ideas.

Excellence in Education

Our education offerings for all ages include an innovative and inspiring Hebrew and Religion School.

Engaged and Caring Community

We engage, enable and empower our community through a diversity of events and programs.

Living Tikkun Olam

Our community strives to fulfil our duty to repair the world through good works and social action.

Support Us

As a not-for-profit, NSTE relies upon your financial support to ensure our community's growth and continuity.

What's Happening At North Shore Temple Emanuel

Stay Connected

Boomers Film Group

Sunday, Oct 27th 5:00p to 8:00pJack Nicholson gives an Academy Award winning performance as Melvin Udall, an acid-tongued obsessive-compulsive romance novelist with Manhattan’s meanest mouth. But when his neighbour Simon (Greg Kinnear, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor) is hospitalised, Melvin is forced to look after Simon’s dog. And that unexpected act of kindness - along with the daily exchange of insults with Carol the waitress (Helen Hunt) – helps put Melvin back in the human race. Dr Adrian Allen, a clinical psychologist who specialises amongst other disorders in OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) will be our guest. He will comment on the movie, on OCD and answer questions from the audience.

JSA - I Speak My Mind - Challenges faced by Hazara Refugees Today

Tuesday, Nov 5th 7:30p to 9:30pFour years ago, Hayat Akbari feared for his life living on Afganistan. At age 17, he fled his homeland and spent more that a year at an Indonesian detention centre before he arrived in Australia as a refugee 2 years ago. He is now completing an arts/law degree and is a youth advocate for the Global Campaign to End Child Immigration Detention.



Join North Shore Temple Emanuel

NSTE Membership entitles individuals and families to be involved with and enjoy a range of religious, educational and community activities.

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