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North Shore Temple Emanuel

a Progressive Jewish Congregation

Meah Hebrew & Religion School

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To enrol for the 2022 Year, click here.

All families should already have an account on our ShulCloud platform. This will enable you to fill out an enrolment form online. There will be a drop-down menu where you will be able to select the year level that the student will be entering next year.

If you are asked to create a password, please do so and keep a record of the password for later reference. This password, together with your email address, will be your NSTE login. 

For the Fee Schedule, click here.
To view the Meah Fees Policy, click here.
The Meah academic calendar PDF can be viewed here.

Covid-safe Protocols

  • All Meah staff are fully vaccinated and are required to wear masks at all times while indoors.
  • Students are encouraged but not required to be masked indoors. Year 7 students are required to have their masks on while indoors.
  • Parents or guardians of Meah students must be fully vaccinated to enter our campus, otherwise, we kindly request that they remain in their vehicles while dropping off or picking up students. If parents or guardians are vaccinated and would like to enter the NSTE buildings, we ask that they remain masked while indoors.
  • Every Meah classroom is equipped with an HEPA air purifier. 
  • We ask all students, parents/guardians, and staff to please stay home if they are feeling unwell or have any symptoms that they believe could be Covid-19. 
  • We look forward to a fun, educationally stimulating, and above all, safe and healthy year of learning!

-------------------------------The 2022 calendar can be found at the bottom of the page------------------------

About Meah

Following on from many years of successfully growing our Meah Hebrew and Religion School, towards the end of 2016 the Board of Directors made a strategic decision to invest in taking Meah to a new level of education, learning, and overall experience.

The position of Director of Education was introduced, and the feedback from students and families has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our Approach

Our Meah teaching team is passionate about creating an environment for our students that will encourage them to strive for their personal best and develop their interpersonal skills. We aim to nurture and motivate our students and encourage positive interactions with their teachers and fellow students.  

Our Curriculum

We invested in an internationally recognised new Hebrew program called “Zman Likroh” which includes a two-module reading system and an additional activity workbook. Our Meah students are assessed in terms of ability in Hebrew.  We currently have a beginner, intermediate, and an advanced track. The levels are fluid and the students will be placed in the group in which they feel most comfortable and where they are most likely to thrive. The desired outcome is that our older students are able to recognise the letters and sounds and read within a year. The younger age groups should achieve this over a two year period. All students keep their books as a personal resource for the future.

Our aim is to teach reading and ignite a passion for Hebrew as a living language, taught as Modern Hebrew whilst ultimately preparing them for their b’nei mitzvah celebration. 

The Jewish Studies program includes booklets for each festival. The booklets include activities tailored to the different age groups.

In addition to the Sunday classes, our year 5 and 6 students also attend midweek classes, which are designed to complement the Sunday Hebrew program as the children approach their bar and bat mitzvah year.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated, committed, and passionate. They demonstrate a wonderful work ethic and plan each week’s lesson using the teacher's manual, an integral part of the new curriculum.  Lesson plans are overseen by the Director of Education, and team planning and review meetings are held fortnightly.  These meetings have proven to be productive with the sharing of resources, techniques, experiences, and ideas being some of the major benefits and outcomes. The combination of structured curriculum, teamwork and oversight ensures a high quality of learning delivery.

Our Campus & Classrooms

The Year 1/2 classroom is a model early-learning environment, with chairs and tables that are conducive to suit the needs of children in those years and to make it for interactive and play-filled activities.

Another major initiative was to set up a room inside the classroom facility where the Director of Education is based. This space is now used as the resource room, and a printer, computers and desks have been installed. Resources needed for the school are also now always at hand. Teachers are able to get supplies and prepare lessons on site and liaise with the Director.

The Talmud says, “The world only exists because of the innocent breath of school children.”  It is incumbent upon us to strive to constantly improve the educational opportunities for our children.  With that in mind, Meah delivers a very high standard of Jewish Education for our children, and at NSTE, education is one of our most important strategic pillars.     

For more information, please contact the Meah Administration Team. 


"Our boys had a wonderful year this year. They are always happy to come to school on Sundays and they bounce out of class 12pm. This really says a lot for the curriculum and the teachers. I know my own experience was very different growing up! 

I hope the school will continue to grow and develop through the coming years."

- Lisa, Meah mother

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2022 Dates

For more information, contact Rabbi Misha Clebaner via email or call the office on (02) 9419 7011.

Sat, 1 October 2022 6 Tishrei 5783