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North Shore Temple Emanuel

a Progressive Jewish Congregation

                                                         Am Yisrael Chai

After the horrific 7th October 2023 terrorist attack on Israel, many in our community have felt loss, worry, shock and grief.  We have collected some resources you can view below, including a list of 'roof body' organisations that have established financial appeals, mobilised other forms of support, and issued statements. 

We know so many in our congregation have family, friends and loved ones in Israel. If you need personal support, don't hesitate to be in touch with us at info@nste.org.au, so that one of our Rabbis can connect with you. 

At times, we will also list below some of our upcoming Israel-focused events and discussions.

Table of Contents

  • Financial Support
  • Personal Support
  • Talking to Children
  • Security
  • Statements
  • Podcasts
  • Videos - Poetry - Prayer

Where Can I Donate?

United Israel Appeal (UIA)'s Israel at War Emergency Appeal

Your donation will provide immediate financial assistance through the Victims of Terror Fund to those most directly affected on the ground in Israel.

Donations will be transferred to Israel immediately as the Fund has already commenced supporting the immediate needs of the victims.


Beit Halochem Australia

World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ)'s Israel Emergency Appeal

Donations are not tax-deductible

Donors who are able to donate $25,000 or more should contact David Knoll at daviddknoll@gmail.com



Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom in Israel has faithfully served the country’s population for many decades by adhering to principles which derive from the sublime value of “saving a single soul of Israel”. 

Quilting for hope

Beanies for IDF Soldiers

The Black Beanie Project is aimed at providing warm beanies to Israeli soldiers before winter. Knitters are invited to contact blackbeanieproject746@gmail.com for more information or to obtain the pattern in various languages. 

Sandwiches for soldiers

A friend of the NSTE community has written to us from Israel: Over the past month since the war in Israel began, my office building has been making sandwiches for the soldiers. Each day we volunteer an hour or two of our time to prepare the sandwiches, which are delivered the same day to the brave soldiers serving on the front line, risking their lives to protect us….We have been told that the soldiers are so appreciative of these sandwiches, which don’t replace their army meals, but rather are an extra treat to spoil them, and one they can easily eat on the go while on the front line service. The food is accompanied by notes that express how grateful we are for what they are doing for us, and that we are thinking of them and praying for their safety.  It costs around $AUD400 per day for the ingredients for the 250 sandwiches we’ve been making. There are no overhead costs as they are prepared and delivered by volunteers, so it is just the ingredients that need to be purchased.  Donate here candlesofhope.org.il/donate/

Help Bring Them Home!

Purchase diskiyot ('dog tags') that say "Bring Them Home Now" and "Our Heart is Captured in Gaza" in Hebrew, as well as other products (lapel pins, badges):
Net proceeds support advocacy to release hostages and support displaced people in Israel, injured soldiers, and families suffering financially due to the October 7th attacks.

Where Can I Find Personal Support?

JewishCare and Jewish House 


Talking to Children


Australian Consulate

Australians needing emergency consular assistance should contact the Australian Government 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre on 1300 555 135 (in Australia) or +61 2 6261 3305 (overseas).


Videos, Poetry, and Prayer

Eden Golan sings "October Rain" with original lyrics in Tel Aviv

CHUTNEY: Israeli solidarity song 'Kama At Yafa"

Poem: The Silver Platter - Natan Alterman

Poem: Reaching Far to Bless My Child - Hanna Yerushalmi

Prayer for the Captives & Avinu Shebashamayim

Times of Israel: those in Captivity and those who lost their lives

Sermon: If I am not for myself, who will be for me?  If I'm only for myself, what will I become? - Rabbi Nicole Roberts

Sermon: Last week, I named a child 'Tzion' - Rabbi Nicole Roberts

Shirat Nechama: Songs of Comfort - NSTE Havdalah of 21 October 2023

Jewish Identity Post Covid


וּפְרוֹשׂ עָלֵינוּ סֻכַּת שׁלוֹמֶךָ
May a shelter of peace envelop us and all Israel

Tue, 25 June 2024 19 Sivan 5784